Bury St Edmunds Ramblers

Health Walks In Suffolk

 "One Life" took on the ‘Health' Walks programme contract (from a previous contractor) for Suffolk County Council in 2016.

The Health Walks are different to the normal Ramblers walks in that the pace of a health walk has three sections led by the ‘Leader’ and 'Back Marker':
• Starting section: slow pace gradually increasing;
• Mid section: increased from slow to reasonable pace;
• Ending section: pace reducing from reasonable down to slow to stop!
The changing pace is particularly important for the shorter Health Walks.

The Health Walks in the programme are walks comprising:

  • Short walks - say about 1 mile. A local one in Bury St Edmunds is every Monday in Nowton Park. There are several Leaders so anyone needing to stop and go back can be led back to the Cafe. Newmarket and Sudbury have their own short walks, every week.
  • Health Walks - up to or just over 3 miles.

There is a programme - on a quarterly basis - which lists a selection of walks around Suffolk - in specific sectors of the County.

The Bury St Edmunds area (“Borough of St Edmundsbury”) covers several different walks each week on different days.

Click here for our links page including links to the "One Suffolk" webpage & Health Walks Brochures

Wednesday, December 12, 2018